The Ibero-American Exposition of 1929

On 9 May 1929 the Ibero-American Exposition was opened in Seville. A huge multi-national event, aimed at improving the historically close relationship between Spain, Latin America, Portugal, Brazil and the USA.

Reasons for the Exposición Ibero-Americana

Spain’s economy went through a recession after the loss of the last American overseas colonies and politically troubled times.

Therefore, the organisation of a business fair was intended to revive the Spanish economy and improve and strengthen the relationship with the former colonial states.

As early as 1910, the first plans for a Hispanic exhibition were made, but it was not until 1929 that the Ibero-American Exhibition was opened, to which Portugal, Brazil and the USA were also invited.

Seville changes

The Ibero-American Exposition brought about a profound change for the city. From an urban planning perspective, the improvement of the infrastructure, electrification and the expansion of the urban area with new districts to the east and south are particularly noteworthy. New buildings followed the emerging regional style, built in exposed brick. The city centre was modernised for the 20th century by widening important streets and partially demolishing the old city wall.

Participating countries and pavilion

Over twenty American countries took part in the exhibition, as well as Morocco and Portugal. Also numerous Spanish regions and the eight Andalusian provinces.

The main pavilion was the Plaza de España with its monumental main building. The current Parque María Luisa was also incorporated into the exhibition area. It was designed by the French landscape architect Forestier. The pavilions of the participating countries were grouped around this park and stretched along the Avenida de la Palmera, along the Guadalquivir bank. At the southern end of the park is also Plaza America with three outstanding buildings.

In the video you get an impression of the pavilions of the exhibition.


Today, visitors to Seville can still enjoy a wide variety of pavilions. I recommend a 2 ½ hour bicycle tour on the territory of the former exhibition area. During the tour you will experience the most beautiful Sevillian architecture of the regionalismo, peppered with a flair of Latin America, the beautiful scenery of the Guadalquivir and the green lung of the city centre, the Parque María Luisa with its Mediterranean and exotic flora.


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